Democratizing Home and Industrial Automation with Autoden, Dobona and Takano


Control at your fingerprint
Freedom from high bills, massive wiring, fixed IP or DDNS
Just plug it and remotely control & monitor, all by yourself, your electric heater
burner, temperature, liquid level, consumption, or whatever else, using whatever hardware …

About Us

IotSprint has more than 15 years of experience in hardware design and software solutions. IotSprint is committed to providing low-cost, reliable and flexible smart living automation solutions in a DIY philosoph

  • Low-Cost

    Our high-end features are delivered only at a fraction of the high end automation solutions

  • High-Tech

    Our products are thoroughly tested for reliable operation. They are modular by design and housing

  • Easy Fit

    Our solutions are customizable via straightforward parametrization without any programming and minimal to no service man needs



A complete automation suite

AutoDen is a robust and flexible home automation package that prioritizes comfort. What sets it apart from many competitors is the ease of installation and the highly customizable app that requires absolutely no skills.

Configure app
To Configure IP and boards’ ports on the local Wi-Fi network as well as the fixed IP or DDNS during board installations and wirings


A Multi-Purpose IOT automation package

DOBONA consists of several small-sized hardware items that address day-to-day automation needs up to industry centered tasks.
Easily setup. Fit anywhere. Usable everywhere. Monitor/control your devices and be alerted of any anomaly.

DIN-rail Ethernet-enabled board for cloud communication with PLC panels/machines

Installation Manual


Redefining how IOT Platforms Work

TAKANO is a platform that singles itself out from the competition by its outstanding ease of use. Any internet-enabled hardware can be seamlessly connected to it. It requires no complex APIs at all. No special technical skills needed. The free and customizable mobile and desktop apps can control/monitor/store and picture your data. You're left focusing on your product..

Simplicity Concentrated
Monitoring Reimagined
Security Rethought
Using Arduino, Raspberry or similar?
Never mind. Upstart your Takano today with ready-made examples

Instruction Manual

Want to Archive and Visualize your data?
Whether Linux, Mac or Windows, Takano tackles it all..

Instruction Manual